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Water is Our Most Precious Resource

The health of any community depends on a steady supply of clean and safe drinking water. An aging infrastructure however poses major challenges to water utilities ... and tight municipal budgets.

Water distribution infrastructure is subject to both corrosion and tuberculation build up caused by the interface of metal and water. Leaching of asbestos-cement pipes can cause matrix deterioration weakening the pipe structure. Left unaddressed, these assets continue to deteriorate resulting in poor water quality, loss of revenue, soaring maintenance costs and catastrophic failure.

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Tuberculated Pipe

Don't Replace.


Communities in North America are now taking advantage of the fastest, most inexpensive watermain rehabilitation technology available.

Resiline 320 Pipe Renewal Liner uses a trenchless spin cast, Spray-In-Place-Pipe (SIPP) application technology developed in Europe close to 40 years ago.

Resiline 320 gives you a time - and cost-saving way to help stop further deterioration, enhance pipe structure, improve water quality and restore flow & efficiency - while reducing the impact on the public.

Designed to meet ASTM F1216 after 50 years, Resiline 320 is not a band aid solution.

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Services & Solutions

Trenchless Watermain Rehabilitation

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Reservoir Restoration

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Wastewater Solutions

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The Application of Resiline 320 Pipe Renewal Liner

Download our white paper to learn about the rehabilitation of existing potable water mains.

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As an authorized applicator in Canada for Resiline 320 Pipe Renewal Liner and other protective coatings, Canadian lnduracoat Corporation (lnduracoat), can deliver a time and cost saving way to rehabilitate and extend the life of aging potable water pipes and tanks.

The Resiline 320 cleaning and lining process is specifically designed to rehabilitate existing potable water mains, restoring pipes to near original diameter, restoring flow and efficiency and enhancing the pipe structure.

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Canadian Induracoat Corporation (Induracoat) is a Canadian company and leading applicator of specialized Polyurea Protective Industrial Coatings throughout Canada.

Focusing on the needs and priorities of our customers, Induracoat offers industry leading “Green” solutions through its Polyurea spray coating systems.

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Fracture Repair & Containment Coating
Clarifier Tank Tops
Vancouver St. Victoria BC
Fracture Repair & Containment Coating
Clarifier Tank Tops
Vancouver St. Victoria BC

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