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Resiline Restoration Process

The easy fix for aging pipes

Resiline 320 Pipe Renewal Liner

Resiline 320 is a state-of-the-art lining material for use in the in-situ polymeric lining of drinking water pipelines and has NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 2018 and UK BS 6920 approvals.

An aliphatic isocyanate-based lining material, it is part of the family of long-favoured products by Water Utilities and contractors alike.

  • Improves water quality by helping to prevent corrosion and tuberculation
  • Can repair certain cracks and pinholes and provide structural enhancement
  • Helps restore and maintain flow by resisting build-up
  • Minimizes disruptions to traffic, businesses and homes
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The Application of Resiline 320 Pipe Renewal Liner

Download our white paper to learn about the rehabilitation of existing potable water mains.

Assessment and Planning

  • The rehabilitation process begins with a full site evaluation and condition assessment.

  • Specific details addressed during this project planning phase include environmental and regulatory compliance, easement restrictions, traffic controls and determining the strategic location of access pits.

  • A detailed work schedule is then created in order to minimize impact on traffic, businesses and homeowners.

Site Prep and Excavation

  • Install all traffic, pedestrian and worker safety equipment.

  • Install bypass piping, if required.

  • Access pits, measuring 6' x 10', can be excavated one day prior to each lining section reducing the impact on the local community.

  • The pip is isolated, de-watered and a 4 foot section of the pipe is cut out and removed.

Cleaning and Inspection

  • The pipe is cleaned using a mechanical cleaning process (rack feed boring, drag scrapping, forced air vortex aggregate cleaning, or high pressure water jetting). This process restores the pipe to its initial capacity by removing any existing biofilm, scale or tuberculation. 

  • Depending on the pipe substrate and cleaning method used, a series of foam swabs may be used to remove any loose debris and standing water. 

  • Prior to lining, a CCTV inspection of the entire length of pipe is then completed and digitally recorded. Each service lateral is mapped and closely inspected to ensure it is clear of debris. 


    • One worker is located in the launch pit to visually inspect the lining head operation at startup.

    • During the lining process, a proprietary software and hardware system monitor and control the equipment to help ensure proper application in each section

    • Our small equipment footprint typically allows one lane of traffic to remain open throughout the construction process.

Inspection and Chlorination

  • The installed liner can be inspected in as little as 10 minutes after installation.

  • A full CCTV inspection is completed for each section, including each connection.

  • A detailing lining report is maintained by the application and copies of all records are provided to the customer (inspection videos, lining printout, lining reports, etc.).

  • Disinfection should be completed in accordance with local or AWWA standards.


  • The pipe can be reinstated in as little as 90 minutes, allowing same day return to service and eliminating the need for bypass piping.

  • Equipment is easily demobilized after each lined section and roadway plates can be used to return normal traffic flow each day.

  • Once the section has been lined and reconnected, the access pits can be filled and paved.
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Fracture Repair & Containment Coating
Clarifier Tank Tops
Vancouver St. Victoria BC

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