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Sumas St. Victoria BC

Water Quality / Structural Improvement

Sumas St. | Garbally St. to Manchester St.

Client: City of Victoria - Victoria, BC Canada

Date: November 2014


In 2014 Induracoat continued to provide The City of Victoria with further lining solutions. In this instance, Induracoat lined over 180 meters of 150mm pipe throughout the Sumas Street neighbourhood, including Garbally through Manchester Street.

The weather at this time of year was not a barrier to Induracoat's technology or application process. 

"The water main at this location runs directly under the curb where the grass and treed boulevard meets the road. Replacement would have meant weeks of traffic disruption to the commercial and residential neighbours and very likely the loss of several trees. 

The area has experienced a higher rate of breaks and the City was seeking a non-disruptive solution to enhance the mains structural integrity. Our trenchless rehabilitation was able to deliver an economical solution."

Doug Ritch, Project Manager


Pipe Age/History: 1950

Pipe Material: Cast Iron

Pipe Diameter: 150mm (6 inches)

Pipe Length: 187.4 meters

Our challenge was to improve the water quality, increase C Factor and ensure the structural integrity.

Competing Solution: Total Pipe Replacement


Two linings of pipe renewal liner at 1.75mm each, for a total thickness of 3.5mm, constituting a structural lining.

Total Volume of Material: 305 litres

Project Timeframe: 3 days

Application Process

Cleaning Contractor: Envirologics Engineering Inc.

Cleaning Method: Forced air vortex aggregate cleaning

Induracoat was the contractor responsible for:

  • Lining
  • Excavation
  • Disinfection
  • Reinstatement
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Fracture Repair & Containment Coating
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