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Industrial Linings & Coatings

Spray-applied Polyurea for Industrial Applications

VersaFlex Spray Polyurea

Induracoat specializes in industrial tank lining and coating applications using VersaFlex. VersaFlex formulates, manufactures and supplies pure polyurea protective coatings, liners, joint fillers and repair materials for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and maintenance environments. Our knowledge of 100% solids technology assures you state of the art product utilization and support.

Tank Coatings & Linings

Polyurea coatings protect steel tanks from corrosion, chemicals, and other natural weather and jobsite elements. Polyurea systems can be applied during primary construction or in a retrofit environment. With their fast cure times they are ideal for retrofit since down time is significantly minimized compared to some competing materials.

Primary Containment

Polyurea elastomeric coating and lining systems can provide long term solutions for containment of bulk hazardous materials and preventing loss of containment. Furthermore, the big advantage of polyurea technology is the fast-set reaction time that allows the structure or facility to go back into service very quickly.

Secondary Containment

Polyurea coating and liner systems are ideal for Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Hazardous Materials and Agricultural Applications. The combination of Polyurea and specific geotextile products provides an extremely durable, seamless liner membrane solution for wide range of applications for tank farms, industrial plants, oil & gas storage sites, waste water plants, reservoirs, along with many other project specific sites.

Corrosion Resistance

Polyurea elastomer is a superior coating solution to protect metal components against corrosion degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals. In addition, the coatings will provide abrasion resistance, non-stick performance and chemical protection.

Abrasion Resistance

Polyurea Coatings and linings are effective in the protection of steel pipes from corrosion. Polyurea demonstrates an ability to last longer than paint with lower maintenance services and costs. Induracoat can provide wear resistant Polyurea coatings with excellent abrasion and impact resistance for moderate to severe abrasion applications such as tank linings, metal parts and flooring.

pipes abrasion resistance

Waterproofing Solutions

Polyurea forms a water resistant, seamless monolithic coating for waterproofing slabs, wooden decks, roofs, and other surfaces to prevent leaks, rust, corrosion and water damage. Waterproofing is the only way to permanently stop water and vapors from entering foundation walls, causing mold and other issues.

Past Projects

Vancouver St. Victoria BC

Water Quality / Structural Improvement Vancouver St. | Fort St. to McClure St. Client: City of Victoria - Victoria, BC Canada Date: November 2014 Summary In the fall of 2014, Induracoat was awarded a bid to line over 300 meters of Victoria's aging water mains. The project required minimal impact on traffic flows in the area, […]

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Sumas St. Victoria BC

Water Quality / Structural Improvement Sumas St. | Garbally St. to Manchester St. Client: City of Victoria - Victoria, BC Canada Date: November 2014 Summary In 2014 Induracoat continued to provide The City of Victoria with further lining solutions. In this instance, Induracoat lined over 180 meters of 150mm pipe throughout the Sumas Street neighbourhood, including Garbally through Manchester […]

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Pandora Ave. Victoria BC

Water Quality / Structural Improvement Pandora Ave. | Douglas St. to Government St. Client: City of Victoria - Victoria, BC Canada Date: July 2016 Summary In 2016, Induracoat again provided lining services for The City of Victoria on Padora Avenue. this line services Victoria City Hall, a local TV station (CTV Vancouver Island) and a centrally located hotel (the […]

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induracoat dark background logo

Canadian Induracoat Corporation (Induracoat) is a Canadian company and leading applicator of specialized Polyurea Protective Industrial Coatings throughout Canada.

Focusing on the needs and priorities of our customers, Induracoat offers industry leading “Green” solutions through its Polyurea spray coating systems.

Case Studies

Fracture Repair & Containment Coating
Clarifier Tank Tops
Vancouver St. Victoria BC
Fracture Repair & Containment Coating
Clarifier Tank Tops
Vancouver St. Victoria BC

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