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Trenchless Watermain Rehabilitation

A cost effective and efficient solution

What is Trenchless Rehabilitation?

Trenchless Watermain Rehabilitation involves excavating small access pits (6' x 10') one day prior to work being started. This removes the need to excavate large sections of road, minimizing the impact on the local community and eliminating the need for replacing water pipes. The entire cleaning and lining process efficiently reduces the cost and time needed to rehabilitate water pipes.

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Reinstate Watermains in 90 Minutes

The ability to reinstate a watermain within 90 minutes of lining allows for same day return to service—reducing total cost, shortening construction schedules and minimizing disruptions to water customers, traffic and local businesses.

Benefits of Trenchless Watermain Rehabilitation

trenchless pipe rehabilitation

Small Access Pits

Small 6' x 10' access pits are excavated for the specific section of pipe to be worked on. No large excavation site or trenches necessary.

Pipe Cleaning

The pipes are thoroughly cleaned using a variety of methods, including:

  • Rackfeed Boring
  • Drag Scraping
  • Water Jetting
  • Swabbing
trenchless pipe rehabilitation
spin cast resiline application

Spin Cast Application

The unique properties of Resiline 320 Pipe Renewal liner, combined with trenchless spin cast application process, coats the existing infrastructure to restore internal pipe diameters, increase flow, improve efficiency, minimize water loss and help to prevent additional corrosion and tuberculation.

Remote Pipe Inspection

Using a state of the art ROV (remote operated vehicle), the pipe is inspected to ensure that there are no abnormalities or defects in the rehabilitation process.


Quick Pipe Reinstatement

The pipe can be reinstated in as little as 90 minutes, allowing same-day return to service and eliminating the need for bypass piping.

Performance Benefits

Certified: The 100% solids polyurea formulation is NSF/ANSI-61 Certified, BPA free and contains no VOCs.

Strong: Enhanced build capability with film thicknesses of 1mm to 3mm, applied in a single pass. Linings up to a maximum of 9mm may be applied in multiple passes of approximately equal thickness, with each pass not exceeding 3mm.

Fast: The unique polyurea formulation sets in 2 minutes and reaches full cure in 60 minutes, allowing for same day return to service.

Flexible: Resiline 320 Liner can be applied on ductile iron, cast iron, steel, and cement mortar lined pipes ranging in diameter from 4" to 24". Bitumen and asphalt coatings should not be overlined with Resiline 320 unless they can be completely removed.

Efficient: The liner is installed via a trenchless, spin-cast process that can eliminate up to 90% of the excavation, fill and repaving associated with open cut replacement, reducing overall costs and construction time.

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Water Quality / Structural Improvement Vancouver St. | Fort St. to McClure St. Client: City of Victoria - Victoria, BC Canada Date: November 2014 Summary In the fall of 2014, Induracoat was awarded a bid to line over 300 meters of Victoria's aging water mains. The project required minimal impact on traffic flows in the area, […]

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Sumas St. Victoria BC

Water Quality / Structural Improvement Sumas St. | Garbally St. to Manchester St. Client: City of Victoria - Victoria, BC Canada Date: November 2014 Summary In 2014 Induracoat continued to provide The City of Victoria with further lining solutions. In this instance, Induracoat lined over 180 meters of 150mm pipe throughout the Sumas Street neighbourhood, including Garbally through Manchester […]

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Pandora Ave. Victoria BC

Water Quality / Structural Improvement Pandora Ave. | Douglas St. to Government St. Client: City of Victoria - Victoria, BC Canada Date: July 2016 Summary In 2016, Induracoat again provided lining services for The City of Victoria on Padora Avenue. this line services Victoria City Hall, a local TV station (CTV Vancouver Island) and a centrally located hotel (the […]

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Fracture Repair & Containment Coating
Clarifier Tank Tops
Vancouver St. Victoria BC

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