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Polyurea FAQ

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is an organic polymer that is the reaction of isocyanate with an amine terminated polyether resin, forming a plastic-like or rubber-like compound that may be used in many of the same ways as older technologies - polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl ester, neoprene; to name a few.

Can anyone apply Polyurea?

Polyurea requires special training and equipment for field application, whether used as joint filler or as a field applied coating. Resiline is a specialized product that involves comprehensive training and specific equipment.

Where can Polyurea be used?

As a general rule, Resiline polyurea can be employed to contain any substance that may be directly discharged into normal sanitary sewer systems. It may be easier to give examples of environments where polyurea should not be used. As a general recommendation for constant exposure to direct chemical attack Resiline polyurea products may not be installed for attack by:

• Halogenated Solvents: 1. Carbon tetrachloride 2. Chloroform 3. Methylene chloride 4. Tetrachloroethane 5. Trichlorethene 6. Trichloroethane

• Non-Halogenated Solvents And Ketones: 1. Acetone 2. Acetonitrile 3. Acetophenone 4. Benzene 5. Butanol 6. Camphor oil 7. Cyclohexanone 8. Diethyl ether 9. Diisobutyl ketone 10. Ethyl acetate 11. Hexane 12. Methyl ethyl ketone 13. Methyl isobutyl ketone 14. Pentane 15. Phenol 16. Toluene 17. Xylene

• Acidic compounds with a total composite pH range equal to or below 4

• Basic compounds with a total composite pH range equal to or above 11 Note: Non-aqueous (anhydrous and anhydride compounds in granular, crystalline, or powder form) protected by an air drying system may be contained by polyurea.

• Amine Attacking And Amine Containing Compounds Strong, inorganic acids, organic acid halides, aldehydes, isocyanates, organic anhydrides. 1. Aminoethylethanolamine 2. Aniline 3. Ethylamine 4. Methylamine 5. Pyridine 6. Toluenediamine

What temperatures will Polyurea withstand?

Resiline polyurea begin to develop their physical properties within minutes of application. Among several very desirable properties are their quick gel time and their glass transition temperatures that average -40 degrees F and +480 degrees F. Heat of deflection under no load is +250 degrees F. Safe upper limit of working temperature is +350 degrees F, under no load.

Polyurea will exhibit thermal shock debonding when subject to repeated periodic blasts of live steam. While polyurea has high glass transition and heat of deflection temperatures, it will burn when exposed to direct flame. It will self extinguish when flame is removed.

Is Polyurea Hard or Soft?

Polyurea may be either hard or soft depending on the particular formulation and the intended use. Durometer ratings may range from Shore A 30 to Shore D 80.

How well does Polyurea adhere to steel?

Resiline polyurea may be applied to properly prepared A-36 metal substrates. The metal should be blasted to Near White or White, and have a blast profile of 5 mils. Adhesion values will exceed 1000 psi without using primer.

What factors should be considered when adhering to concrete?

There is no hard and fast number that is useful to the designer. Generally, an adhesion value is a compromise between the type and condition of concrete substrate, the stresses placed upon the membrane prior to project completion, and the requirements of the membrane to withstand in-place use stresses. Where possible, concrete should have all surface paste removed and be free of laitance of any kind. A texture similar to 80-grit sandpaper as a minimum is desirable.

Since concrete has low tensile properties, especially at the surface faces of large plan areas, one rule of thumb is to expect adhesion to range around ten percent (10%) of ultimate compressive strength of the concrete. The best that can be expected is in the range of 350 psi to 450 psi for 4,000 psi concrete properly cured and of sufficient age to acquire its maximum physical properties.

Learn more about Resiline at their website.

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